Dem Sen. Brown: ‘Most Democrats’ ‘Will Tell You’ ‘Every Option’s on the Table’ on Court-Packing

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) stated that “every option’s on the table” on packing the Supreme Court and “most Democrats, most progressives will tell you that.”

Brown said, “I think everything’s on the table. … It’s pretty clear that Mitch McConnell’s already packed the court. He’s done it through the federal judiciary over the last four years, at all levels, at the circuit level, at the district level, at the Supreme Court. I think everything’s on the table next year. But Democrats play hardball, and that means we figure out the best answer.”

Host Joy Reid then asked, “How do you explain the resistance of people like Joe Biden to even talk about it? And it’s not packing the court. As you said, the Republicans packed the court. It’s unpacking the court.”

Brown responded, “I think that every option’s on the table. I think most Democrats, most progressives will tell you that. There are a number of different things we can do on the court, on decisions made, on cases they can hear.”

Brown said that it’s unclear whether Puerto Ricans want Puerto Rico to be a state, but he’s “open to that.” And he is “absolutely” in favor of making D.C. a state.

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