Sen. Sherrod Brown to Trump, ‘His Spineless Followers’: We Will Count All the Votes

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) said Wednesday on MSNBC to President Donald Trump and “his spineless followers” that former Vice President Joe Biden would win the presidential election when all the votes are counted.

Brown said, “I mean, Joe Biden won this election, it looks like he won, I’m pretty sure he won because he was the most pro-worker candidate that we’ve nominated in either party for a generation.”

He continued, “Well, nobody’s won until the votes are fully counted, I get that. But he’s going to win Wisconsin and Michigan. He’s very likely going to win Pennsylvania. He very well could win Georgia. That’s well more, plus the Nebraska district. Even without Pennsylvania and Georgia, he has enough Electoral College votes.”

He added, “But I know it’s not certified, and that’s the argument when they count all the votes, Mr. President, to Trump and to his acolytes and his spineless followers. But the fact is that Biden is the most pro-worker candidate. I think that’s why he won in tough states and tough areas. I was, of course, disappointed in Ohio, but my state is becoming increasingly difficult. It’s still very winnable. I won it by almost the same margin Trump did last night. Presumably, I won it by that amount two years earlier.”

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