Joy Behar: GOP Put ‘Party over Country’ — ‘Don’t Lecture Us Anymore About Patriotism’

Joy Behar said Wednesday on ABC’s “The View” during a discussion on the firing of Department of Homeland Security cybersecurity chief Chris Krebs that Republicans could no longer talk about patriotism after supporting Donald Trump’s presidency.

Behar said, “It’s interesting because some people are saying that democracy may not survive this administration, but I don’t know. Like Ana says, the moving vans are warming up. You know, he’s out. All this is just a bunch of baloney, all this propaganda right now. Rudy Giuliani is making $20,000 a day to defend nothing, basically. You know, so it’ll be over soon, but I think that what we’re left with are the losers and the winners. The winners are this guy Krebs is a winner.”

”Vindman, Dr. Rick Bright, Captain Brett Crozier, these are the patriotic Americans who risked their jobs, who said the truth, and Lindsey Graham and the losers in the Republican leadership should take a page and don’t lecture us any more about patriotism, or about putting country over party, or rather, putting party over country which is what they did,” she added. “I don’t wanna hear it.”

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