Clarence Page: Hunter Biden Story ‘a Nothing Burger in Search of Being a Something Burger’

On Friday’s “McLaughlin Group,” Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page stated that the Hunter Biden story is “a nothing burger in search of being a something burger.” And denied that members of the press tried to bury the Hunter Biden story.

After saying that he thought the New York Post story was a “nothing burger,” Page stated, “Well, Tom, let’s just adjust my former view to a nothing burger in search of being a something burger. But we aren’t nearly there yet. We don’t know — we’ve got the New York Post’s reporting. It didn’t make the case. The FBI hasn’t made their case yet. So, I’m waiting to see it.”

He continued, “But as far as members of the press trying to bury the Hunter Biden story, no. It’s been investigated and re-investigated. And sometimes, when your competing newspaper or whatever doesn’t really have the story nailed down, you just move on to something else, and that’s what’s happened.”

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