Ossoff: Republicans Attacks in Georgia Are Racist, Anti-Semitic

Jon Ossoff, one of two Democratic candidates in the Georgia runoff Senate races, Wednesday on MSNBC accused Republicans of running racist and anti-Semitic attacks.

Ossoff said, “I think that the GOP attacks are at this point are garden variety fear mongering, race baiting. Look they’ve been lengthening my nose in their ads to remind everybody I’m a Jew. They have been running racist attacks against Reverend Warnock.”

He continued, “What’s emerging in Georgia is the new South. You have the young Jewish son of an immigrant mentored by John Lewis running alongside a black preacher who holds Dr. King’s pulpit at Ebenezer church. We are traveling this state right now. You see a bus behind me talking about health, jobs and justice. So the GOP can run their play book which is fear and division, we’re talking about what we’re going to do for working people at a moment of crisis here in Georgia.”

Anchor Kasie Hunt asked, “It sounds like you’re saying the Republican attacks are functionally racist and potentially anti-Semitic?”

Ossoff said, “Well when they’re lengthening my nose in their ads and when they are calling Reverend Warnock dangerous, I mean look this is the playbook they have been running since the 1970’s. The GOP southern strategy in the South is to divide people along racial and cultural lines.”

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