ABC’s Karl Reports Pence ‘Intends to Defy’ Trump’s Demand He Object to Election Results

ABC’s Jon Karl reported Tuesday on “World News Tonight” that his sources told him Vice President Mike Pence would “defy” President Donald Trump and accept the certification of the 2020 election results when he presides over Congress Wednesday.

Muir said, “Jon, we know President Trump and Vice President Pence met face-to-face today, but bottom line tonight, what are you hearing from your sources? What can the vice president actually do, and what can we expect from him?”

Karl said, “The bottom line, David, the president believes the vice president has a power that he just does not have, and it’s a power that the vice president himself knows that he doesn’t have. While Pence has said nothing publicly. I am told by people close to the vice president that he intends to defy the president on this, that he intends to follow the rules, which means that at the end of the process tomorrow, it will be Vice President Pence who is the one announcing Joe Biden officially, formally, and finally has won the Electoral College and won the presidency.”

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