CNN’s Bolduan: Trump ‘Delusional’ to Claim No Responsibility for U.S. Capitol Riot

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “Newsroom,” CNN anchor Kate Bolduan said that President Donald Trump’s refusal to accept blame for inciting the U.S. Capitol riot was “delusional.”

Bolduan said, “So President Trump, he is emerging from hiding for the first time since inciting the deadly Capitol Hill riots, and some of the first words out of his mouth is it is all a hoax. Nothing has changed with him.”

In a clip, when asked by reporters about his “personal responsibility” for the riot, Trump said, “It has been analyzed, and people thought that what I said was totally appropriate.”

White House correspondent Jeremy Diamond said, “Now what the president is saying there is just completely untrue. In fact, many have analyzed his words during the rally before that riot took place on Capitol Hill, legal experts in fact, who have said that they believe that the president has legal exposure for what he said there. That he helped incite this riot on Capitol Hill, incite this insurrection that we saw on Capitol Hill last Wednesday.”

Bolduan said, “I can assure you if you have a brain in your head — and I know you all do — I can assure you from the highest levels of the federal government, they don’t agree. That is a lie. They put this at the feet of the president. And I’m sorry, but that is a lie, and he is delusional to say so still in public. Because as we know, words matter. People who were at the Capitol said they went to the Capitol because the president told him to.”

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