MSNBC’s Wallace: Republicans Are ‘Throwing Down with Racists’

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace said Monday on her show “Deadline” that Republicans who don’t want former President Donald Trump and others involved held accountable for the deadly riot at the  U.S. Capitol and continue to support Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) are “throwing down with racists.”

Lincoln Project adviser Tara Setmayer said, “The Republican Party is Donald Trump’s party. Kevin McCarthy made that clear when he traveled down to Mar-a-l to kiss the ring. ”

She continued, “They’re acquiescing to the kooks, the crackpots, and the crazies. So the Republican Party needs to decide are they the party of country? Are they the party of the Constitution over cult? Or are they going to side with the kooks, the crackpots, and conspiracy theorists? Unfortunately, Liz Cheney is a minor voice. She and Adam Kinzinger are about the only ones who have stepped up. It’s clear she’s swimming against the grain, and the party is no longer the way she describes it.”

Wallace said, “I feel like kooks lets them off scot-free. They are aligned with — the groups that they don’t want to hold accountable, the groups that participated in Donald Trump’s call to storm the Capitol are white supremacists, they are racists. Do you think we have a language problem? I mean they are not cooks and crackpots. They’re throwing down with racists.”

Setmayer said, “Some of them are kooks and crackpots. The QAnon theories are pretty out there, but you bring up a good point.”

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