FNC’s Wallace Knocks Kudlow: Not Concerned About Deficits, Debt When He Was in Office

“Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace on Friday’s broadcast of “America Reports” commented on his new colleague former Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow’s claims about President Joe Biden’s agenda.

In a video, Kudlow said, “Behind this bill, there is going to be a so-called infrastructure bill. In that infrastructure bill, which could run $4, $5, $6 trillion, there’s going to be a big Green New Deal, I call it green socialism, that will demolish fossil fuels and put strict limits on almost every part of the economy. It’s really central planning. Government control bill. Aimed to stop fossil fuels, which will kill our economy. And will which will kill our jobs.”

Wallace said, “Well, let me say a couple of things. First of all, on the deficit and the debt, it’s so interesting when people are out of office, they are very concerned about that. When they are in office, they are not so concerned about it. Larry Kudlow, when he was working in the Trump White House and passing huge tax cuts and huge spending plans, including multi-trillion-dollar bills for COVID relief, there wasn’t so much concern about the deficit and debts. He seems to have found religion now that he is back out of the government.”

He continued, “When it comes to the Green New Deal, I can understand his concerns about that. But as a practical matter, that would never get through even on a straight reconciliation thing. You think fellow like Joe Manchin from a coal-rich state like West Virginia will vote for something to put fossil fuel industry out of business? There are just realities because of the slimness of the Democratic majority. There is a limit how far to the left they are going to be able to go, even to get it just with Democratic votes. ”

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