Charlie Crist: ‘Thank God’ for Compassionate Biden — DeSantis Failing Florida on Pandemic

Representatives Charlie Crist (D-FL) said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “All In” that he thanks God for President Joe Biden’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic because he claimed Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) had a “lack of leadership” on the virus.

Crist said, “To see the policies the governor is promoting, not wearing a mask, not being socially distanced appropriately, it seems like he doesn’t care. And it hurts me and pains me to say that. When you see these policies and kind of bragging about how we’re over it, we’ve made it through, and then you watch spring break and see what happens. Now, as you said from The New York Times, we’re experiencing a surge, about 5,000 cases a day on average, 8% more in an increase than it was just two weeks ago. It’s incredibly disappointing, it’s unconscionable, it’s not compassionate, it’s not caring, and it’s not right.”

He continued, “President Biden. He’s got it right. The president has been thoughtful. He’s been thorough. He’s been laser-focused and compassionate about how to handle this virus. You know, he already achieved 100 million vaccines in about 55 days on track to probably get to over 200 million vaccines in the first 100 days. Thank God for President Biden. He is doing an extraordinary job looking out for the people of the entire country, doing what’s right and the kind of leadership that Florida needs to have right now.”

He added, “It’s a good thing that we don’t just rely on Governor DeSantis and his lack of leadership. We can rely on President Biden and his true leadership of compassion, honesty, transparency, which is another issue in Florida. The governor’s office is dragging on request from media outlets all over the place, won’t give them. Now we hear tonight in your intro there may be lying actually happening about the number of deaths in Florida, perhaps even thousands more than they’re reporting. It’s disgraceful.”

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