MSNBC’s Wallace: ‘The Republican Party Is a Failed State’

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace on Thursday called the Republican Party a “failed state” in the wake of the new Georgia voting law.

During a discussion about the Georgia law, the MSNBC “Deadline” host said, “Let’s be clear about why all eyes are on sports, and all eyes are on corporate America because the Republican Party is a failed state. The Republican Party does not believe in access to voting rights. They’re taking a lie that led to a deadly insurrection and using that lie to roll back access to the polls. I’m old enough to remember when Republicans liked people to mail in their ballots. That’s not today’s Republican Party. ”

She added, “I want to go through where corporate America is today. This is a list of companies that have called for action against voting restrictions in the wake of the Georgia bill, Cisco, American Express, Apple, B of A, Microsoft, BlackRock, Merck, Viacom, JP Morgan, Chase, Google, Coca-Cola. Here is Tim Cook’s statement, head of Apple, ‘The right to vote is fundamental in a democracy. American history is the story of expanding that right to vote to all citizens. Black people, in particular, have to march and struggle and give their lives to defend that right. Apple believes it ought to be easier than ever for every eligible citizen to exercise the right to vote. We support efforts to ensure that our democracy’s future is more hopeful and inclusive than its past.’ Why doesn’t big business in America get behind a push in the opposite direction? That’s to say, not just defending these laws, but why not have corporate America push for voting on the phones?”

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