Rand Paul: COVID Mandates Shouldn’t Be ‘Based on What We Don’t Know’ – Burden Needs to Be to Prove Vaccinated People Are Transmitting

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) pushed back against government restrictions on people who have been fully vaccinated for the coronavirus by arguing that mandates shouldn’t be based on what we don’t know and the burden should fall on the government to prove that there is widespread transmission of the virus by fully vaccinated people.

Paul said, “We should not have government mandates based on what we don’t know. We should make mandates based on what we do know. When they can prove that something is a real problem, then let’s have — let’s consider a mandate. … So, what we need to do is not push fearmongering. … [T]he burden should be on the government to prove that there’s widespread people who have had it are now getting it by the tens of thousands or people who are being vaccinated still are passing it along. Even the CDC this week admitted, before somebody made them roll it back, but the head of the CDC was on TV saying, if you’ve been vaccinated, we’ve discovered that you’re not carrying it, you’re not transmitting it. This is all good news. But these people can’t stand good news. Because that means you get out from under their thumb and you’re allowed to go back to living your life. They don’t want you to be free of their mandates. They like the idea of submission because most of these people are, at heart, big government people.”

Paul also praised President Joe Biden’s announcement that he is moving up the deadline for all adults to be eligible for the coronavirus vaccine to April 19.

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