Mark Levin: Joe Biden Is the ‘Human Pandemic’ — ‘Poison of Antisemitism Is Growing in Your Party’

Tuesday, during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” conservative talker Mark Levin, author of “American Marxism,” blasted President Joe Biden for the proliferation of antisemitism that he alleged was coming from the left and elected Democrats.

Levin also hammered Democrats for promoting critical race theory and an effort to indict former President Donald Trump by the New York State criminal justice system.

Partial transcript as follows:

LEVIN: You know, Sean, here’s a couple things I want to say to Mr. Sippy Cup.

Number one, he is the human pandemic I said he is. I want to address something very specifically to Joe Biden and his party. This poison of anti-Semitism is growing in your party and your silence isn’t going to fix it. Tlaib, who in my opinion is an out of the closet anti-Semite and she’s joined by or others of the hard Marxist Hamas wing of the Democrat Party, you have Omar and AOC and Pressley and Bush, you have Bernie Sanders — I don’t care how Bernie Sanders identifies. It’s irrelevant.

The Democrats in the House of Representatives voted unanimously against sanctioning Hamas last week, during the time when Hamas was firing 4,000 missiles into Israel. Now, Joe Biden sees this. He sees on TV individuals with Antifa-like clothing, with the Palestinian flag chasing down Jews, in cities throughout this country, in cars, attacking Jews, organized like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, beating Jews, graffiti on synagogues, including swastikas and so forth. We haven’t seen anything like this and I don’t know ever.

The FBI says 60% of all anti-religious hate crimes is against Jews. The Jews are a tiny percentage of the population.

What did Chuck Schumer say about this who’s Jewish from New York? I didn’t hear him say anything. If he said anything, he did it under his breath.

What did the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi say about it? I didn’t hear her say anything. If she did, it was under her breath.

Joe Biden had to be lobbied by liberal Jewish groups to do something on Friday and finally Saturday put out a statement.

What did the attorney general say? Nothing that I’m aware of.

How about the cabinet secretary that runs Homeland Security, what did he say? Nothing that I heard of.

How about the FBI director who says white supremacy is the great danger in this country? Is he blind to what’s taking place?

No, this is frightening and it’s happening all over the world. But to be happening in the United States of America is absolutely appalling. And I blame the Democrat Party because the Democrat Party is stirring this stuff up. You have members of the Democrat Party that are tweeting things and putting things on Facebook that are absolutely bigoted and anti-Semitic, about Israel and the Jews.

It’s a tiny little country. It’s the only Jewish state on the face of the earth, and Arabs in Israel have more liberties, more due process rights, more property rights, more legal rights than Jews do in any country in any Muslim or Arab society, which means they have none.

So, this is quite appalling to me and at the same time, this is going on, you have Democrats embracing Black Lives Matter, which is a hate America, Marxist, anarchist violent organization that also is anti-Semitic and backs the BDS movement.

And we have Democrat mayors across this country painting Black Lives Matter, not Black Lives Matter, the group Black Lives Matter on their streets and promoting it. You have corporations embracing them. You have LeBron James and sports stars, ESPN sportscasters embracing it.

It is a disgusting, appalling thing that’s going on in this country right now. And in the media, The New York Times and The Washington Post, both of which did the best they could to censor the Holocaust. This is the best they can do to make — to make light of this? To defend Black Lives Matter who pretend these sorts of things aren’t going on? This is a shocking event that’s taking place.

So I wanted to say to Joe Biden — what the hell are you going to do about this? Our prior President Donald Trump was a strong supporter against anti- Semitism, against anti-Semitism, a strong supporter of the Jewish community. And what’s going on in this country is a disgusting disgrace, that we’ve allowed these Marxist leftists and others to do what they’re doing.

Pushing critical race theory, another racist theory — Joe Biden is funding critical race theory to go into our classrooms. This is separatist, nationalist, Black Panther 1960s crap that they’re trying to put into the minds of our children? What the hell is going on in this country and with that party?

I want to save a minute or two for my dear friend, President Trump. This Democrat Party adopts the worst policies the world has ever seen. They’re acting like the Soviet communist party in the city of New York and the state of New York where they go after politicians and former officials they don’t agree with. Here’s tonight’s headline: new grand jury seated for next stage of Trump investigation.

Trump investigation? Donald Trump is a multi-billionaire. He has multiple corporations, so what are they trying to do to Donald Trump? They’re digging into his tax returns, they’re threatening his longtime financial officer, they’re going after his son and the divorce that took place with his former wife. They’re interrogating them. They’re trying to pressure them to do anything they can to find a gift tax violation, to find some other tax violation. The fed’s already investigated Trump clean.

Now, the politicians, the Democrat Party in New York in the state. You have an attorney general who’s a complete hack, Letitia James, she came into office saying she was going to go after Trump. You have this Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus Vance, who’s a real punk, a political hack, who’s done a lot of things that are highly questionable.

And I want the American people to understand — they’re trying to drag this president, our president, Trump, in front of this grand jury, a Democrat Party, Democrat city, Democrat state to find something, anything that they can use against him, because they don’t want him to run for office again and they are trying to destroy him.

Joseph Stalin would be very proud of you Democrats in New York. I must say, I’m disgusted with the Democrat Party and I am disgusted with these hacks in New York and that is it.

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