McCarthy: We Have a Constitutional Responsibility to Hold People Accountable for Afghanistan

During this week’s broadcast of FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) addressed what measures Congress may take in its oversight role following the collapse of the Afghanistan government and takeover by the Taliban after the U.S. military withdrawal.

McCarthy did not offer specifics but acknowledged Congress’ role.

Partial transcript as follows:

BARTIROMO: I want to ask you about where the investigations are in Washington, given this moment in time that we’re in.

You have sent the letter to the White House saying, make sure to save all documentation, do not destroy any documents, because you will be investigating this.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is wanting to investigate you and anybody who was there on January 6.

Congressman, have you gotten any news in terms of what they want to see from you? Because it appears that, while we should be investigating what went wrong in Afghanistan, they are in fact investigating Trump supporters.

MCCARTHY: Yes. No, I have received nothing so far. There’s only the talk that they want to do this.

But think for one moment. While under Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, they have taken the Intel Committee that are supposed to be the eyes and ears of looking around the world to keep America safe, and created Adam Schiff to have a political committee. They spent their time impeaching the president, now looking after Americans.

They took the eye off the ball. We are a co-equal branch of government. Why didn’t we know of what was happening on the ground in there? Why didn’t Adam Schiff have those hearings? Devin Nunes had warned us and had told me many times before when we would raise this issue.

And now, at this moment in time, when they have an open border, when they have caught people on the terrorist watchlist already in this year, that they have the chairman of the Homeland Security investigating members of Congress and the chairman of the Intel Committee?

That’s their focus, instead of focusing on protecting all of America and the homeland. That’s what they should be working on.

BARTIROMO: OK, before you go, real quick, will you lead drawing up articles of impeachment? Will you look at the 25th Amendment?

Senator Rick Scott tweeted out, it is time to look at the 25th Amendment now that we see all of these missteps from Joe Biden.

What are your plans in terms of leadership as we are in this incredible moment of time? Rick Scott says: “President Biden’s Cabinet must put politics aside and act in the best interests of the American people. Biden’s tragic and inexplicable failures in Afghanistan defy logic. It’s time to consider the 25th Amendment.”

And you say?

MCCARTHY: I say, my moment in this time at this moment is getting every American out. When we get beyond that point, we’re going to collect all the data.

And we’re going to — we have a constitutional responsibility to hold people accountable. And we will take it wherever the facts bring that forward. If that’s the case, we will move forward.

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