RNC Spox Dennard: Media Ignore Hostility to Black Conservatives Like Elder Attack

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.,” RNC National Spokesperson Paris Dennard reacted to the attack on California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder (R) by stating that the media have a pattern, dating back to the treatment of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) of “ignoring acts of hostility, aggression, and sometimes overtly attacking black conservatives,” and not giving such incidents the attention they deserve.

Dennard said, “What I saw was something that shouldn’t happen in modern-day politics. But, unfortunately, what we see is that, when it comes to black conservatives, the mainstream media and the Democrat party and Democrat leaders remain silent on the issue. Whether it was the way they treated Justice Clarence Thomas…going to Sen. Tim Scott, when Dick Durbin, the Senator from Illinois, called his JUSTICE Act a ‘token’ piece of legislation…what we see is the mainstream media ignoring acts of hostility, aggression, and sometimes overtly attacking black conservatives, and they don’t seem to denounce it. They don’t seem to apologize for it, and they don’t seem to give it enough attention that it deserves. It’s wrong and it should be stopped and Gavin Newsom should be ashamed of this type of action and he should speak out on it.”

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