Kerry: ‘Biggest Thing I’m Doing in My Lifestyle’ to Fight Climate Change ‘Is Traveling Around the World’ Doing Diplomacy

During an interview aired on Wednesday’s edition of Bloomberg’s “Leaders with Lacqua,” Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry said that the “biggest thing” he’s doing in his “lifestyle” to combat climate change “is traveling around the world, trying to do diplomacy” on climate.

Host Francine Lacqua asked, “Secretary, have you changed anything in your lifestyle to actually help the cause against climate change?”

Kerry answered, “Indeed, I have. I have a solar system for my home. I drive an electric car now. I still have the one internal combustion engine vehicle, which is being traded for another electric car, and we’re making more conscious decisions about our use of energy within the house. I mean, I’ve become a flagrant light switch-chaser whenever I walk through a room or a building. Yes, I think there’s a new consciousness. Am I doing everything that I should be or could be? Probably not. But I’m super conscious of the need to try to all of us do what we can to make a contribution here. The biggest thing I’m doing in my lifestyle is traveling around the world, trying to do diplomacy and help make a larger decision in the context of Glasgow that could reduce a lot of the anxiety that we’re all living with today about where we’re headed.”

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