Jason Whitlock: ‘Ungrateful Clown’ Kaepernick ‘Has Severe Daddy Issues’

During the Sunday broadcast of his “Fearless” podcast, journalist Jason Whitlock tore into former NFL quarterback-turned activist Colin Kaepernick over the Netflix series about his life, “Colin In Black & White.”

Whitlock highlighted a point in the series in which Kaepernick lamented his adoptive parents’ disdain for his cornrow hairstyle. The host said the hairstyle and other similar hairstyles showed Kaepernick had “daddy issues” and spent more time at the hair salon with his mother than at a barbershop with his father.

In the show’s monologue, Whitlock asserted that the series, which he said felt more like a comedy, should instead be entitled “Daddy Issues.”

“It was an exploration of the problems caused by the absence of Kaepernick’s black biological father,” Whitlock stated.

“Kaepernick, to this day, doesn’t know who he is,” he added. “He has severe daddy issues. When you know who you are, you don’t concern yourself with ‘micro-aggressions.'”

Whitlock then described Kaepernick as “an ungrateful clown” and “evil” for going after his parents in such a manner when they rescued him.

“The guy’s a clown, and you can see it in the damn mini-series that he put out on Netflix,” he declared. “He portrays himself as a clown. An ungrateful clown. Could you imagine two people adopting you when your real parents won’t? And then you take a shit on them in a six-part mini-series on Netflix? Who does that? People keep wondering why I say this stuff feels satanic. Two people adopt you, and … 32 years later, you put out a mini-series taking a dump on them?”

Whitlock continued, “This is evil. This is wickedness. Two people come and rescue this boy, and he takes a dump on them in a documentary? They have to live with that. If they say something and object to the way they are portrayed, could you imagine what would happen to them in this culture, in this society we’ve created? They would be cast as the biggest racists in the world. And their crime is adopting a biracial son.”

“Anybody defending Kaepernick is repulsive,” he added.

(h/t Newsbusters)

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