Spanberger on COVID Relief Package Causing Inflation: ‘What Part of That Package Should We Have Cut?’

During an interview with CBS’ “The Takeout” podcast recorded on Tuesday and released on Friday, Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) responded to people who think that the American Rescue Plan COVID relief package drove inflation by asking them, “what part of that package should we have cut?”

Host Major Garrett asked, [relevant remarks begin around 24:40] “And when 50% of a nationwide poll tell us they believe that inflation was being driven by the COVID relief package, what do you say to them?”

Spanberger answered, “I would say, well, what part of that package should we have cut? The billions of dollars in support to small businesses throughout central Virginia that received PPP funding, that received…loans? The support directly to our schools to allow — as they did in the communities that I represent — that allowed the schools to hire additional mental health counselors or school counselors, hire folks to help cope with learning loss, put pop-up tents so kids can eat lunch outside and have a bit of a break during the day and fresh air and take their masks off as they’re eating their lunch safely, the HVAC systems that ensure that they’re circulating clean air through our schools? I mean, these are the things that we did with the American Rescue Plan funding. The broadband connectivity dollars that the communities I represent are now utilizing to actually start broadband installation projects throughout central Virginia.”

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