Cotton: Biden Travel Ban a ‘Half-Measure that Reflects the Incompetence of This Administration’

Monday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) reacted to President Joe Biden announcing a travel ban on eight African countries over the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

The travel ban, which went into effect on Monday, was announced on Friday.

Cotton said the Biden administration was taking an “incompetent half-measure” by delaying the start of the travel ban. He argued the administration should have put the ban into effect immediately.

“What President Biden did over the weekend is a typical half-measure that reflects the incompetence of this administration,” Cotton declared. “If you want to implement a travel ban, it needs to go into effect immediately. That’s what most European nations did that implemented that travel ban. If you don’t want to implement a travel ban because you think the virus is already here or that it’s counterproductive, then you shouldn’t do so, but this is yet another incompetent half-measure.”

“[L]ast January when the Democrats were wasting the American people’s time with the impeachment trial of President Trump, I was trying to sound the alarm about this virus,” he added. “I was calling for President Trump to stop travel immediately from China to the United States. After about a week, President Trump did so, and I remember then that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris denounced it as xenophobic and racist, just like they called subsequent travel bans on other countries racist as well. The hypocrisy here is amazing, but it’s very typical of what you get from this incompetent administration.”

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