Mary Trump: Trumpism Movement ‘About Undoing Our Democracy’

Former President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that the Trumpism movement was about “undoing our democracy.”

Trump said, “This is the most troubling issue that we’re facing in this context because I believe that so-called Trumpism has moved beyond Donald. The movement doesn’t need him anymore. And yet, the movement is about undoing our democracy because Republicans don’t want democracy. If democracy in America is strengthened, they lose.”

She continued, “They are making a very calculated choice here to go all-in on the big lie that the election was stolen, the second big lie that January 6th was no big deal. They are going all-in on brazening out the accusations that are being thrown at them based on factual evidence, based on documentary evidence. That’s an instance in which I don’t believe they’re afraid of Donald. They’re just doing what he’s been doing his whole life and getting away with it.”

Host Joy Reid said, “You’re absolutely right. I think about Mitch McConnell. He shows utter contempt and open contempt, but he’s willing to use Trumpism and the ghost of Donald Trump to get what he wanted, which was to take over the Supreme Court and put it in the hands of the far-right.”

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