Bernstein: Trump Is the ‘First Seditionist President In Our History’ — GOP Is ‘Craven’

Author and journalist Carl Bernstein said Thursday on MSNBC’s “The Beat” that former President Donald Trump is the “first seditionist president” in America’s history.

Bernstein said, “We have a culture of misinformation and disinformation. It is not just media. It pervades the national life. Obviously, during the Trump era during the Trump presidency, in our politics, we saw actual repeated serial lies by what we now know to be a president of the United States who was a seditionist. The first seditionist president in our history has perpetuated these lies. And worst of all, we have a political party that has accepted and embraced these lies. It has never happened before.”

He added, “The Republican Party has now allowed itself by being so craven to go along with the big lie, with the serial lie, with the seditious lies. The result is we have a culture that now is almost dominated — half the people in this country are willing to go along with this misinformation, disinformation and perpetual lying. No other American president tried to stage a coup. Richard Nixon left office voluntarily in the sense that he was forced out as a criminal president, but he went along with what the Constitution said and left.”

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