Scarborough: Putin, Xi ‘See Joe Biden as Weak’ over Russia Statement

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Thursday reacted to President Joe Biden’s remarks regarding the rising tension between Ukraine and Russia.

Scarborough called it a “terrible moment” for Biden because it would only exacerbate Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping seeing him as “weak.”

“It was a terrible moment in the press conference when he talked about a minor incursion. There is no minor incursion. There is separation among the NATO allies and ourselves on Russia,” Scarborough outlined. “There was separation because of the way we got out of Afghanistan. So, again, here is the problem. Biden seemed as weak from Russia, China and our allies on Afghanistan. If he’s seen as being weak on Ukraine, we’ll be back here six months from now talking about that minor incursion into Taiwan. The whole world is watching. Afghanistan set a poor precedent for Joe Biden.”

“Fair or not — the Biden administration will tell you for two hours they did exactly what they needed to do, and it was a success in the end, and we’ll let historians debate that, but Putin and Xi and our NATO allies are not debating that right now,” he added. “They see Joe Biden as weak. Yesterday’s press conference did not help.”

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