John Bolton: Russia, China Taking Notice of Biden’s Admin’s ‘Weakness’

Former National Security adviser John Bolton sounded off on the rising tension between Russia and Ukraine on Tuesday.

Bolton told Newsmax TV’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight” that the “weakness” coming from President Joe Biden and his administration with the Afghanistan withdrawal “is playing out in the minds” of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Chinese Communist Party.

“I think these situations are very different, but I will tell you something — the withdrawal from Afghanistan that the Biden administration conducted but which President Trump would have done had he been reelected has been a catastrophic strategic mistake for the United States,” Bolton declared. “And the weakness that we showed and withdrawing from Afghanistan is playing out in the minds of decision-makers in the Kremlin, particularly Vladimir Putin, and in the minds of key decision-makers in Beijing, threatening Taiwan, threatening Southeast Asia. So, this is a real test here.”

“And, you know, you say people have taken over the Republican Party who don’t agree with me. I don’t think they’ve taken it over it at all. If you look at the statements of members of Congress, Republicans in the House and the Senate, overwhelmingly taking a very strong stand here — very critical of the weakness of the Biden administration approach,” he concluded.

The former United Nations ambassador later added that “the problem with the Biden approach is it has failed to deter Russia adequately.”

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