Blackburn: Supreme Court Nomination Process Used ‘to Distract’ from Biden’s ‘Failed Agenda’

Wednesday, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) warned the Biden administration would use the process of filling the vacancy left by the retiring Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer to “distract” what is perceived to be a “failed agenda.”

“Jesse, I’ve got to tell you, first and foremost, they’re trying to use this to distract from what is their failed agenda,” she said. “The American people are all concerned with inflation and crime and COVID and CRT and the wokeness and the lockdowns and the mandates and Russia and Ukraine. And now they’re trying to do this.”

“They do think it will gin up their base,” Blackburn added. “But it also is going to galvanize conservatives going into the election, especially if Joe Biden does what he has been doing for the district to end circuit judges, which is to nominate people that are far to the Left. They are outside of the American mainstream.”

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