MD Gov. Hogan Pushes Back Against ‘Moderate,’ ‘Never Trump’ Label — I Don’t Always ‘Toe the Line’

In an interview with Fox News, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) pushed back against being labeled as a “moderate” and “Never Trumper” for saying that “the stakes are too high” to risk another Donald Trump presidency.

Hogan told Fox News on Sunday, “With America on the wrong path, the stakes are too high to double down on failure.”

“I was chairman of the National Governor’s Association, and the governors were leading through COVID,” Hogan outlined in an interview that aired on Monday. “So for a year, I was the face of the governors who were on the front lines. I was not always 100% in lockstep with everything that [Trump] was doing, so I would speak out and say when I thought they needed to do better on behalf of all of the governors, which was my role.”

“And they always called me a moderate — I’m really a common-sense conservative, a lifelong Republican who is right of center on just about everything. But I didn’t always toe the line and say exactly what — I wasn’t swearing allegiance to agreeing with the guy on every single issue when I didn’t. I think I’m one of the few that speak up and tell people exactly what I think, which is think why a lot of the media all over the map appreciates it because I just give answers rather than spin,” he added.

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