MSNBC’s Reid: GOP Forcing Teaching to Teach ‘Sanitized Christian White Nationalist History’

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said Thursday on her show “The ReidOut” that the Republican Party was forcing teachers to teach a “sanitized Christian white nationalist history that they prefer.”

Reid said, “Disney had been the subject of a boycott since 1996 led by a coalition of groups called the Christian Family Association. The boycott lasted through 2005. Disney’s crime, distributing movies such as Priest, Pulp Fiction and Sex, Lies and Video Tape and such shows on Disney owned ABC TV like Ellen, NYPD Blue, Spin City and Nothing Sacred.”

She continued, “Fast forward, and the American right is not doing what a dejected Paul Weyrich suggested, withdrawing from America’s decadent culture. Instead, they have a new tactic, force. The Supreme Court justices are opening the door to the state through bounties. Eventually, you can count on it, a national ban forcing women to carry even their rapist’s children and give birth. And who knows how long before they come for your birth control pills and  IUDs. Through so-called anti-woke laws, they will just force teachers to teach the sanitized Christian white nationalist history that they prefer.”

Reid added, “They are banning the book they don’t want kids to read or search for online to keep the gay stuff away. They will bar you from protesting or voting if you think wrong or vote wrong. Ron DeSantis has pioneered punishing companies, notably Disney, for daring to criticize his anti-gay law. Enter Josh Hawley saying, Ron, hold my beer. The pro-insurrection Senator from Missouri has pulled the full Putin, pitching a law that would change the expiration date of Disney’s copyrights as punishment for their thought crimes. Much like how the Russian dictator snatched McDonald’s intellectual property in Russia for their crime of pulling their franchises due to his war and replacing the golden arches with Uncle Vanya’s. Seems like Russia is where Republicans are getting their ideas.”

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