GOP Rep. Palmer Warns of ‘Worldwide Depression’ if China Invades Taiwan

Last week’s vote to authorize $40 billion in aid for Ukraine by Congress was difficult for many Republican lawmakers. The measure sailed through the House and passed in the Senate later in the week. Among those voting for passage was Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL), the chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee.

During an interview with Mobile, AL radio FM Talk 106.5, Palmer said there was a “bigger picture” justification for his “yes” vote on the $40 billion.

According to the Alabama Republican lawmaker, not only was it essential for Ukraine’s defense against the Russian invasion, but the gesture sent a message to other hostile actors around the globe, including Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has ambitions to invade Taiwan.

“I know there are some people who are concerned about, you know, what’s going on in Ukraine,” he said. “They don’t see it in the bigger picture. But I tell people — I know people in Alabama are watching the vote. People around the country are watching the vote. But they need to understand who else is watching the vote. Obviously, Vladimir Putin is watching it, but so is Xi Jinping and China. That’s huge.”

“If they see that we as a country are willing to continue to support the Ukrainians, then I think it sends a clear message that we’ll do the same thing for Taiwan,” Palmer continued. “We cannot afford to lose Taiwan to the Chinese. Seventy percent of your semiconductors and microchips come from Taiwan. Ninety percent of your advanced ones come from there. I think if China invaded Taiwan, those factories would be destroyed, and I think we would be in a worldwide depression. The Ayatollah was watching that vote, Kim Jong-un in North Korea.”

“You’ve got to look at it in the bigger picture and understand that there are things happening right now that could seriously impact our future,” he added.

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