Dem Rep. Cicilline: Republicans Will ‘Pay a Political Cost’ if They Don’t Pass Gun Laws

Representative David Cicilline (D-RI) said Friday on “MSNBC Reports” that Republicans would pay a political price if they don’t work with Democratic lawmakers to pass gun control measures.

Cicilline said, “Guns have become the leading cause of death for America’s kids. We have a gun violence epidemic in this country. We’ve already passed two bills, one to strengthen criminal background checks, the other to close the Charleston loophole where if the background check has not been returned, you still can’t buy a gun until it has been completed.”

He continued, “We need our Republican colleagues to understand Americans are demanding that we take action to reduce gun violence in this country. I hope something comes of it. I hope we are going to bring back the Judiciary Committee and pass more common-sense gun safety bills and get them to the House floor and send them to the Senate as well.”

Cicilline added, “Let’s be honest, Republicans are preventing passage of these two common-sense bills. We need our Republican colleagues to understand the American people is pleading with us to do something to protect their families from this kind of violence. When parents can’t send their kids to school without worrying whether they’ll come home alive, we have failed. They have a responsibility to work with Democrats, to get something to the president’s desk to respond to this epidemic. If they don’t, they are going pay a political cost because the American people have had it. They expect us to do something to create safer communities and reduce gun violence in this country.”

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