Biden Adviser Landrieu: Petroleum Release Didn’t Lower Prices, But Biden Has Done All He Can to Lower Gas Prices

On Wednesday’s “CNN Newsroom,” White House Senior Adviser and Infrastructure Implementation Coordinator Mitch Landrieu stated that President Joe Biden has “done everything within his power” to lower gas prices even though releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve didn’t work to bring down prices.

Landrieu stated, “[T]he president has already enacted a massive piece of legislation called the Infrastructure Act, which is designed to actually help rebuild the supply chains and to fix the rails and to fix the roads and to fix the air and to fix the water. On top of that, he released product from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to bring down gas prices. And then, yes, he is, in fact, calling on Congress to pass legislation that is going to help make it –.”

Co-host Victor Blackwell cut in to say, “But they certainly didn’t bring down gas prices.”

Landrieu responded, “But, Victor, you know the president himself doesn’t control the price of gas. You asked whether or not there was anything that was in his power that he can do. And he’s done everything within his power, including –.”

Blackwell cut in to state, “Certainly, he does not control the price of gas, but the president said that releasing from the Strategic Reserve would bring down the price of gas, and all we’ve seen since then was a series of record highs.”

Landrieu responded, “Well, it’s clearly not the only factor in bringing down gas. But you asked what it is that he could do and he did what he could do. He also is asking Congress to reduce the costs on American citizens for child care, for prescription drugs, for insulin, to make sure that we have credits so that we can manufacture things.”

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