Jason Johnson: Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani Terrorists — GOP ‘White Nationalist Coup’

MSNBC contributor political professor Jason Johnson said Tuesday on “Deadline” that former President Donald Trump and his former attorney Rudy Giuliani are “terrorists.”

Johnson added that the Republican Party is a “white nationalist coup.”

Discussing the testimony from Shaye Freeman Moss and her mother Ruby Freeman, Johnson said, “That’s my grandmother. That is literally the kind of work that my grandmother used to do in Newark, New Jersey, registering people to vote, taking seniors in buses to go here or there, getting young people registered to vote. The level of violence that the Republican organization engages in against black people on a regular basis should make everything in this trial pale in comparison. This is what they do.”

He continued, “These people who have lost their name, the ability to go to the grocery store, having the audacity to stand against the white nationalist coup that masquerades as the Republican Party.”

Johnson added, “The way that Donald Trump has sort of weaponized his own bigotry, right? There’s a guy I talked to in the summer of 2020 named Nathan Calloway in Columbus, Ohio, who was providing medical aid during a Black Lives Matter protest, and Trump put him in a tweet, and people chased him around.”

He concluded, “How many different people did Donald Trump and his cronies have to attack, have to threaten before we recognize that the man is a terrorist and everybody who works with him is a terrorist. Rudy Giuliani is a terrorist. This is not political activity. This is not passion.”

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