Kinzinger: Threats over January 6 Probe Show ‘Depravity of What’s Existing out There’

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), on Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Situation Room,” said the death threats he and other lawmakers are receiving over the course of the January 6 hearings show the “depravity of what’s existing out there.”

Anchor Wolf Blitzer said, “I know over the weekend you revealed that you received a very disturbing death threat directly at your family and you. Are these threats ongoing? Are you among the members who are now getting a security detail?”

Kinzinger said, “So I’ll tell you the threats are constant. They’ve increased. And I even heard a voicemail just this morning that we got last night threatening execution. That kind of seems to be the normal thing nowadays. Let’s just threaten execution. But this is the reason I released this letter. This was sent directly to my home, directly to my wife. And it went on to threaten execution, not just of me but of her and my five-month-old child. And I think it was important to put out to show the depravity of what’s existing out there.”

He added, “I mean, look, they’re all getting these threats. I mean, particularly Liz and I, because we’re considered RINOs in the GOP because we want the truth. But what that shows is when you stir up evil, when you bring in light to a dark place, you see cockroaches get angry and scatter. And we’re bringing light. We’re bringing truth to the lies that have permeated in many people’s minds, and that’s not going to make him happy.”

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