CNN’s Eisen: Hutchinson’s Testimony Provided ‘Evidence for Multiple Crimes’ by Trump

CNN legal analyst Norm Eisen said Monday on “Newsroom” that the testimony from Mark Meadows’ former aide Cassidy Hutchinson to the January 6 House Select Committee provided “criminally relevant evidence for multiple crimes” by former President Donald Trump.

Guest anchor Christine Romans asked, “How significant are potential criminal referrals from this committee. Do you think the DOJ would be more likely to pursue criminal charges if they get them from the committee?”

Eisen said, “I think referrals would be significant and increase the likelihood that DOJ prosecutes. We have seen now Cassidy Hutchinson is only the latest to provide criminally relevant evidence for multiple crimes. Not just at the federal level, where we’re looking at the obstruction of Congress, a federal crime, but also at the state level, where a special grand jury is sitting in Georgia, and we heard from the Georgia state officials that Trump was involved in pushing for votes that did not exist. I think he has exposure, and criminal referrals will make it worse.”

He added, “She was very brave in stepping forward. She provided important details. CNN corroborated afterward that stories like the one she told had been circulating in the Secret Service and even talked in the Secret Service of some kind of a lunge forward by President Trump.”

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