Glaude: Dems Need to Fight Aggressively, GOP Taking Away Freedom

Princeton professor Eddie Glaude Jr. said Monday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that Republicans are trying to take away the freedoms of those they consider “others” while discussing Republican Senators who do not support voting to codify same-sex marriage.

Anchor Nicolle Wallace asked, “Eddie, how do you grab, I think Democrats are wide awake, but how do you grab the 75% of Americans who oppose what the Republicans are doing and make them part of a voting coalition to save our freedoms and save our rights?”

Glaude said, “Take the fight to the people who are trying to take it away. Start fighting more aggressively. What we’re seeing with the Republican Party, Nicolle is the limits of their conception of freedom. We are seeing the exceptions.”

He added, “They want freedom for themselves, freedom for their guns, freedom for them. But when it comes to those people they consider as us or the others, they’re willing to trample upon freedoms. Take the language of freedom as your own. Take the fight to them. That seems will galvanize  and animate the 75% of folks who don’t want their rights taken from them.”

Wallace said, “Eddie, you are giving me chills.”

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