Cotton: Biden ‘Lost and Confused’ on China

During a Sunday Fox News Channel appearance, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) criticized President Joe Biden’s China policy.

The Arkansas Republican lawmaker described Biden as “lost and confused” regarding the Asian communist nation.

“I think the president’s position towards China remains lost and confused, Maria,” he said. “As you said, in the ’60 Minutes’ interview last week, he yet again said that the United States would come to Taiwan’s aid militarily if the Chinese communists go for the jugular against that free island. Yet again, for the fourth time in just 13 months, anonymous White House aides rush to walk back that statement, which is the worst of both worlds.”

“The president provokes the Chinese communists without deterring them,” Cotton added. “And I think that’s been consistent in his approach to China and Russia for the first two years of his administration. Throughout 2021, he projected weakness, which enticed Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine. And he’s projected weakness towards China as well, making the Western Pacific much more dangerous. Now, I, for one, think he stumbled onto the right policy, for once, in saying that we would come to Taiwan’s aid. Unfortunately, he picked himself up and dusted himself off and moved right along as if it had never happened.”

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