Geraldo Rivera: Biden Classified Docs ‘Phony Scandal’– Zero Evidence National Security Compromised

Wednesday on “The Five,” Fox News host Geraldo Rivera called President Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified material found in his home and office a “phony scandal.”

Co-host Greg Gutfeld said, “Connect the dots. This is an incredibly timely scandal when he decides to run for reelection. Which member of the deep state and setting them up? The same people that went after Trump or Nixon?”

Rivera said, “Maybe, maybe it was them. This is the incredible shrinking scandal. As I’ve said, there is absolutely no there there. We have been talking about this around and around and around, and now Vice President Pence, of course, famously is involved in the so-called scandal. This is totally political retribution.”

Gutfeld said, “But from whom? But from whom?”

Rivera said, “Republicans.”

Gutfeld said, “Really, how did the Republicans know the stuff?”

Rivera said, “Why is it, Greg, we are talking about a document scandal with zero evidence and national security has been compromised, and we are not talking about the Paycheck Protection Program and the billions of dollars that were wasted, squatted, stolen?”

He added, “Why don’t we go after something American people care about? This is the librarian scolding the people who kept the books overdue. It is nothing to do with anything in American life. Not one family watching this today is affected one iota by the phony scandal.”

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