Pompeo: We Need ‘True Conservative’ Candidates — The Moment for Celebrity Is Over

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” that the nation needs to move past celebrity candidates for president.

Host Shannon Bream asked, “Would a President Pompeo do a better job at managing the defect and debt than President Trump did?”

Pompeo said, “I think a President Pompeo or any conservative president will do better than not only we did during the four years of the Trump administration, but Barack Obama, George Bush. The list is long, Shannon, of folks who come to Washington on one theory and, aren’t prepared to stand up and explain to the American people how we’re actually going to get that right. It matters to the next generation.”

He added, “It is going to take a true conservative leader.”

Bream asked, “Are you saying President Trump wasn’t a true conservative leader?”

Pompeo said, “Six trillion dollars more in debt is never the right direction for the country.”

When asked about his CPAC speech, Pompeo said, “I was talking about the time to elect serious leaders who are thoughtful, who speak about America as the most exceptional nation in the history of civilization. They aren’t denigrating it. They are not throwing out whoppers. They’re not spending all their time thinking about Twitter. That’s what I was speaking to. The moment for celebrity, the moment for stars, is not with us. It’s the moment for America to go back to its conservative founding.”

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