MSNBC’s Johnson: ‘Bumbling Criminal’ Trump Is ‘Anvil’ on GOP Necks in 2024

On Wednesday, MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson said on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” Wednesday that he believes former President Donald Trump is a “bubbling criminal” who will be like an anvil on the neck of the Republican Party in the 2024n election.

Johnson said, “100% of Americans know that you can’t keep classified documents in the bathroom. That’s it. That’s the most important poll. I will tell you, when you step away from people who do this for a living or have political sophistication, when I talk to my friends and colleagues and students who don’t have anything to do with this, the most simple response is what the heck was he doing with classified documents in the bathroom? I had a friend say is that the knock list from Mission Impossible? We’ve already seen evidence that we’ve had CIA agents and people captured mysteriously ever since Donald Trump had this information. This is bad. There is no version of this that can be sold next year. The Republican Party knows that this guy is an absolute anvil on their necks. ”

He added, “Regardless what ends up happening in the presidential election, and my guess is Joe Biden ends up beating Donald Trump again. Trump has never got the majority of the popular vote, most people don’t like him, the Republicans have three chances to take the Senate next year, only three, Manchin, Tester, Sherrod Brown. If you’ve got Donald Trump on the ballot, two out of the three guys are going to keep their jobs. If they don’t knock out these senators, they’re not going to be able to get them for the next six years because you don’t have any other vulnerable Democrats in the Senate. That’s how bad this is. They are connected to a man who is not only a malignant narcissist, who not only tried to take over the country but he is also an idiot and a bumbling criminal. Every independent or any kind of voter can see that.”

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