Tim Scott: ‘I Will Fix Our Southern Border by Closing It and Finishing the Wall’

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), a candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, said on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” that he would finish the border wall started by former President Donald Trump.

Scott said, “The southern border has led to deaths of 70,000 Americans because of fentanyl in last 12 months. As president of the United States, I will fix our southern border by closing it and finishing the wall. I will use 5 billion to use military-grade technology available today on our borders. This is simple for us to solve. We need a president who gets the job done.”

He continued, “Washington is out of touch with the rest of the nation. One reason we need change in the nation’s Capitol, Washington is so consistently broken. The American people don’t trust people in Washington. I understand that as guy who spends time in Washington and a lot of time in South Carolina. I can say to leaders of this nation, ‘Bless your heart,’ which is Southern way of saying you guys don’t get it.”

Scott added, “Here is what Governor Abbott is saying, sending illegal immigrants to New York City, where Mayor Eric Adams says you guys don’t get it. He sound like the governor of Texas. When you see spat happening in the Democratic Party, it is because President Biden refuses to fix a fixable problem on our southern border by not selling construction material. That is what he’s doing: selling construction material needed to complete the wall. We need a president who reinstates remain in Mexico policy.”

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