Michael Cohen: Trump Will Make Himself Fuhrer on Day Two

Michael Cohen, a former personal attorney for Donald Trump, said Thursday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that the former president will declare himself a fuhrer on day two if he wins in 2024.

Anchor Joy Reid said, “I think that people, they still don’t take Trump seriously. When he says I’ll only be a dictator on day one, people in the audience laughed. I noted also that when he said, I’ll close the border and drill they cheered. But the first thing they did is when he said I’ll be a dictator on day one. Someone in the audience screamed yeah and people seemed happy about it. So do you feel that at this point it’s one of two things, there are either people in this country who actually crave a dictator Trump and president for life who is Donald Trump or they just don’t believe he’ll do it?”

Cohen said, “Either way, it doesn’t really work. First of all, if he’s going to be a dictator on day one, rest assured, I know him better than almost anybody. He won’t be a dictator on day two. He will be a king. He will make himself into the fuhrer and make everybody raise their hand and salute him, ‘Hail Shitler.’ He is an autocratic wanna-be with autocratic tendencies.”

He added, “It is Donald Trump saying it when he says on the first day he wants to re-write the Constitution. Seriously, he wants to strip the power of the judiciary and the legislature and confer all power to the executive branch. Again, that means to him he wants the military to sign a loyalty oath to him. He wants the 15 1600 people that will work for government in the transition team to sign a loyalty oath to him. The only person that asks for a loyalty oath is a dictator, a supreme leader, a monarch, a fuhrer.”

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