Manchin: Biden Has Moved Beyond Roe and Is Too Far Left on ‘Intrusion in People’s Lives’

On Thursday’s broadcast of NPR’s “Morning Edition,” Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) stated that President Joe Biden has moved too far left on “intrusion in people’s lives” and has shifted on abortion to go beyond Roe. 

Co-host Michel Martin asked, [relevant exchange begins around 1:55] “So, you’ve said that you are not ready to endorse the current President, Mr. Biden, for re-election. You’ve said that you’re concerned about progressives pushing him too far to the left. So, what is the — what is your plan here, is it to — are you looking for some specific commitment, some specific template that you’re looking for before you’re willing to endorse him?”

Manchin responded, “I think what President Biden has to look at, and his team around him, how did he win in 2020? Look at the rhetoric that was used back then, I’m not extreme, I’m not against production of energy. We need production of energy. We have a balance to be found. I think people believe that he has been — gone too far to the left because of people around him. … I’ve said that. I’ve told him that.”

Martin then asked, “Anything other than energy policy? Is it energy policy [that is] your main source of difference or other things?”

Manchin answered, “Well, I think energy policy. I think, basically, intrusion in people’s lives. I think that changing positions on — we could have codified Roe v. Wade. And basically, it was 50 years of precedented law. I’m pro-life, but it wasn’t pro-life enough, it wasn’t pro-choice enough. But it was something that we learned to live with for 50 years. And they wouldn’t go back to that because they wanted more, and things of that sort. And I think putting ourselves back in a moderate, centrist position where people feel comfortable, they don’t think they’re being pushed and being overregulated and moving things too far to the left. And the other side talks a good game, but they’re not doing anything when they were in control.”

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