Cuellar: Biden Needs to Demand End to Sanctuary Cities

On Wednesday’s broadcast of NewsNation’s “The Hill,” Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) stated that President Joe Biden needs to call for an end to sanctuary cities.

Cuellar said, “I was just hearing you all about the New York mayor saying he wanted to make changes to the sanctuary city [policy]. I can tell you that, along the border, there’s not a single sanctuary city, because we know the burden it is to have people come across the river and the impact that it has.”

Host Blake Burman then asked, “So, the White House, Congressman, is now telling us the following, and here’s a statement from a White House spokesperson: ‘When a local jurisdiction has information about an individual who could pose a threat to public safety, we want them to share that information with ICE.’ …. Congressman, does President Biden need to go further, in your opinion, look at the American people, talk to the American people, and say, sanctuary cities need to end, full stop?”

Cuellar responded, “In my opinion, he ought to go to the border. He needs to say, this is what we’re facing right now, and if there [are] any sanctuary cities, those sanctuary cities should be able to provide any information to ICE. Imagine having a situation where ICE cannot get information. It’s like those people that attacked the policemen, they couldn’t share that information, they ended up somewhere in Arizona until they were busted over there. So, again, they have to share information with ICE.”

Burman then asked, “But should we hear from the President on this front? Because it’s one thing to put out a White House statement and say, we believe in this…specific change in policy, should the President come out and say this needs to end?”

Cuellar answered, “Well, the President needs to make that decision. But if I [were] advising him, I would say, definitely, yes, look at the people straight in the eye and say, look, we need to address the issue of migration, and if there [is] anybody that [has] violated the law, they should be turned over to ICE. He ought to look at the people straight in the eye and say, this is what we need to do.”

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