Sabato: SCOTUS Reverse on Trump Ballot Ban Will Motivate Biden Voters

University of Virginia Center for Politics director Larry Sabato said Monday on CNN’s “Newsroom” that the Supreme Court unanimously overturning a Colorado Supreme Court ruling that disqualified former President Donald Trump from the ballot will motivate voters for President Joe Biden.

Sabato said, “He’ll never change because it’s worked for him. And it may work again. You know, in the end, Jim, you can’t save the people from themselves. If they’re determined to reelect him after he organized that insurrection, arguably our first coup d’état, then there’s nothing to stop the people from doing that.”

He added, “Now, in particular, the legal system may intervene, but I doubt it. And he’ll probably — he’s certainly going to be on the ballot. He’s certainly going to be the Republican nominee. We’ll know that for sure tomorrow, if we don’t already know it, and that’s the way it is.”

Anchor Jim Acosta said, “Perhaps the Democrats need a good kick in the pants. Here and if the courts aren’t going to bar Trump from running for office. If the courts aren’t going to weigh in in time as to whether or not he tried to defraud the American people in trying to overturn the election in 2020. Democrats are going to have to be motivated and get out yes?”

He added, “I think it is possible that this will assist the Biden campaign in motivating them and getting them out to work giving money. And a broader group thinking about the difference between a Biden presidency and a Trump presidency going forward the second Trump administration, if there is one, is going to be very different than the first. It really is. And if you care about democracy, constitutionalism then you have every right to be concerned. Notice what he did. Jim, he always turns an effective attack around. He’s the one who has threatened democracy. He’s the one who organized a potential coup d’état, not Joe Biden. But, now it’s Joe Biden, according to Donald Trump, who’s a threat to democracy? I’d laugh if it weren’t so sad.”

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