Maher: U.S. Medical Establishment Too Scared to Admit Child Gender Transitions Are Dangerous Like Other Nations Have

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher reacted to the United Kingdom and Scandinavian nations walking back transitioning children by saying that America has tried to be so progressive, it’s actually behind the rest of the world and that the American medical establishment won’t make the same corrections other nations have because “They’re afraid.”

Maher stated, “Let me add one more thing to our discussion there about rolling back some of the overexcesses in 2020…this is in the U.K., they are now pronouncing the United States as way behind. This is so, to me, symbolic of so much of woke excess, by thinking you’re so progressive you’re actually behind. … So, in other words, by trying to be so far ahead, the United States — and this is not just England, this is all the Scandinavian countries, they’ve all pulled back on this. To me, this says a lot about where we went and hopefully, we’re getting back to some place sane. Because, yes, I don’t think we should be doing medical interventions on kids before they can figure out who they are.”

New York Times columnist Pamela Paul responded, “It’s a horseshoe and hopefully, at some point, we’ll go all the way around the horseshoe. But I don’t know when it’s going to happen, because, right now, the medical establishment, the major medical associations, are staying mum or digging in.”

Maher then said, “Right. They’re afraid.”

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