Carney on Kudlow: ‘They Can’t Say It with a Straight Face’ — Biden Blames Corporate Greed for Inflation But It’s Just Not True

Breitbart News economics editor John Carney said Tuesday on Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow” that it was incorrect for President Joe Biden to blame corporate greed for inflation.

Host Larry Kudlow said, “They blame business for inflation. Business is to blame for evil, greedy, raising prices, not paying their fair share of taxes and generally being bad citizens.”

Carney said, “You know they had to write it in a memo because they can’t say it with a straight face, it is just not true. This idea that there was a greed surge that happened when Biden got elected first of all, if that is true we should vote him out of office, he made everybody greedier. But it is not true. It is not what is driving things.”

Kudlow said, “This is the Biden approach, ‘Stand up to corporate price gouging at core of the inflation fight.’ Mayor corporation are seeing record profits that is a dirty word, over charge the American people, keep prices elevated and charging abuses and junk fees like airline baggage and stuff like that. Is that it?”

He added, “It has nothing to do with spending money, nothing to do with any of that pump priming by the Fed. It is all about evil, greedy corporations not paying their fair share?”

Carney said, “I think they are getting it wrong when they think that people are against profits, the American people are not. When they say ‘Oh, no everyone is making profits.’ People say that is great the economy must not be doing that badly. That is a good thing. When they say, by the way there is a contradiction, they are raising prices even though inflation is falling. Guess what you can’t be raising prices  and inflation is falling. That means inflation is going up. We saw in beginning this year inflation stopped going down, started going up again. That is the thing they are most worried about.”

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