Maher: Immigration Is Going to Get Democrats ‘F–ked’ on Election Day

[WARNING: Explicit language]

During Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher warned that Democrats were headed for an election loss in November if they did not improve their position on immigration.

According to the HBO host, a pattern had emerged in Europe that he blamed on unfettered immigration. Maher said the pattern would repeat itself in the United States.

“By reviving Trump’s asylum ban, Biden has undermined American values,” he said. “And then they all stand back and go, ‘We don’t want to be called a racist. So we will not make a move on to immigration.’ It’s going to get them fucked on Election Day. It’s happening. It’s happening in Europe right now. That proves it in Europe, and it’s going to happen here in America. It happened with Brexit. It’s going to happen again.”

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