Carville: ‘There Is Not Enough MAGA for Trump to Win’

Democratic strategist James Carville said Monday on MSNBC’s “The Beat” that there was “not enough MAGA” for former President Donald Trump to win the presidential election in November.

Carville said, “There’s no Republicans, it’s a Trump cult. The Republican Party that I knew, all right, that people knew of, Rob Portman, Bob Corker even Dick Cheney, they no longer exist. Mike Johnson is literally part of a cult. The bad news is you’re not going to change MAGA’s mind. The good news is there is not enough MAGA for Trump to win with. He’s got to get kind of traditional Republicans who generally come out and vote Republican to kind of stick with him. If the president peels them off. Go tell these MAGA people anything you want. They don’t care. They’re not moving, but there are not enough of them to win a general election in this country and they’re not growing.”

He added, “Mike Johnson is not even a Republican in any sense of the word. He’s a MAGA theocrat, that’s about it.”

Carville added, “They know they don’t have a party anymore, they have a personality cult. But again, the 22% of voters in Republican primaries are voting for a candidate that’s dropped out. They are uncomfortable with Trump. Tell these people, you can do this one time. and four years from now, there’ll be less of them.”

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