Van Jones: Trump Could Pick Kermit the Frog as VP, Republicans Will Still Vote for Him

CNN commentator Van Jones said Thursday on CNN’s “Situation Room” that former President Donald Trump could pick Kermit the Frog as his running mate and that Republicans would still vote for him.

Host Wolf Blitzer said, “What do you make of the fact that almost all of these Trump potential vice presidential finalists have previously been very, very critical of Trump?”

Jones said, “Well, I mean, pretty much every human being on earth has been critical of Trump because Trump does stuff that demands criticism. He gets indicted, he gets impeached, he insults people, he’s awful. If you had a child like that, you would you be very, very concerned. You certainly wouldn’t hire someone like that. So there is very few people whose last name or not Trump that have not criticized him. So he’s got to swim in those waters.”

He continued, “That said, the last time he had to pick somebody. He was trying to consolidate the party. He had problems. He had to figure out how can I get the Evangelicals on my side? How can I get the business community to go with me? He was forced to pick Pence. He has no problems with this party now. He can do whatever he wants to. He acts completely unacceptable, and they all want to vote for him anyway. So that’s why he gets a chance to play this little reality game show competition. And at some point, just literally throw a dart because there’s not one part of this party not

Jones added, “Evangelicals, not the business community, not the grassroots that’s willing to stand up to this guy and say, you are not behaving an acceptable way for an American leader. They will all bowed down. So now, it could be Rubio, it could be Tim Scott, it can literally be Kermit the Frog. They are still going to vote for him the same numbers and he knows it.”

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