MSNBC’s Reid: Rich People Kissing Trump’s Ring ‘Don’t Care About Democracy’

MSNBC host Joy Reid said Monday on “The ReidOut” that rich people were “kissing Trump’s ring” because they wanted tax cuts and more deregulation.

Reid said, “America’s billionaires, oil, gas, tech, media, and otherwise are busy tripping over themselves and stampeding over each other to get in front of Donald Trump and hand him millions in campaign donations so he can get back into the White House. And in exchange for the bribes he’s soliciting door to door, hat in hand, he’s offering to let them operate with less regulation, including drilling on public lands. That’s one of two things you need to understand about the upcoming election. The other is that the massive tax cut Donald Trump signed his first year as president in 2017, which was the dream Paul Ryan, the then Speaker of the House, had nursed for most of his adult life, is set to expire next year on New Year’s Eve, December 31st, 2025.”

She continued, “While President Biden has vowed to let it expire, Trump is vowing to not only keep those tax cuts but to add to them. That means billionaires can gobble up more tax cuts. That’s the reason every other billionaire is kissing Trump’s ring and a lot of non-billionaire rich people too, including the rappers. It’s all about the Benjamins baby. They don’t care about democracy or voting rights or women’s rights. In fact, democracy and voting are an inconvenience to the super rich because when people get to choose, they almost always choose to tax the rich. Don’t believe the BS about people voting against their economic interests. The people who vote for Trump and other Republicans are richer than average, not poorer.”

Reid added, “So matter how cruel or deranged or clearly not cognitively okay this man may be, the billionaires are still willing to drop America into his tiny little hands, just as long as they get to keep that tax cut and get more deregulation.”

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