Teen Gets 2 Days in Jail for Pushing Friend off Bridge

Girl Pushes Friend off Bridge KGW8
KGW 8 News

A judge sentenced a teenage girl to two days in jail on Wednesday for pushing her friend off a 60-foot bridge in Washington state, causing her to suffer serious injuries from the fall.

Taylor Smith, 19, was also ordered to spend 38 days performing community service with a work crew and pay $300 in fines after she completes her sentence, KATU reported.

Smith’s sentence comes after she pleaded guilty to pushing her friend, Jordan Holgerson, off a 60-foot bridge in August 2018. The fall—according to a viral video of the August 7, 2018, encounter— caused Holgerson to suffer six broken ribs and punctured lungs.

The victim testified in court that she was thinking about jumping off the bridge, but hesitated at the last minute and decided not to go through with it. Despite Holgerson’s last-minute decision to back out, Smith pushed off the edge of the bridge when she was not prepared for it.

Authorities initially charged Smith with one count of reckless endangerment around the time of the incident.

Holgerson said she wanted prosecutors to give Smith a harsh sentence, but prosecutors eventually offered Smith a plea deal.

“At first I didn’t really want Taylor to get into trouble,” Holgerson told NBC News in August 2018. “But now that I’ve thought about it more, I’m kind of wanting her to sit in jail and think about at least what she did.”


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