Pittsburgh War Memorial Vandalized with Red Paint

A war memorial in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been vandalized with red paint on Memorial Day.

The memorial is known as the World War I Doughboy, located at the “Y” of Penn and Butler Streets in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, was covered in red spray paint, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

The message painted onto the memorial read, “JUNE 19, 1986, GLORY TO THE DAY OF HEROISM.”

KDKA reported that there also appeared to be hammer and sickle logo sprayed onto the memorial.

It is unclear what the motive for the vandalism was, or what the message’s meaning is at this time. Police are also unsure of who was responsible for the vandalism.

Police are reviewing surveillance footage from around the area and are making arrangements for the memorial to be cleaned.

City officials told WPXI that Lawrenceville residents erected the memorial in 1921.

The Doughboy memorial is not the only memorial honoring veterans to be vandalized recently. Police in San Diego, California, are investigating a skateboarder who rode his skateboard on top of a San Diego war memorial this month as an act of vandalism.


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